Monastery of Nossa Senhora da Rosa

Monastery of Nossa Senhora da Rosa

The ruins of the Monastery of Nossa Senhora da Rosa de Caparica are located in the parish of Caparica, municipality of Almada, in a valley between Monte de Caparica and Charneca de Caparica. The monastery belonged to the Order of the Hermits of Saint Paul, the First Hermit, and originated as a hermitage founded in 1410. Today, very little of the building’s ancient traces remain; most of its foundations are on private property. Fortunately, there is a set of drawings in the National Archives of the Torre do Tombo that apparently illustrate two phases of the building’s history: 1) its configuration in the late 16th century and; 2) a remodelling project, by the royal architect Luís de Frias Pereira, perhaps from the beginning of the 17th century (Mendes, 2017) .

Our project aims to virtually reconstruct the lost monastery in order to unveil this sacred place. Using the archive drawings as a basis, we hope to reconstruct what is possible and, by inspecting the terrain and ruins of the monastery, search for evidence from which to recreate this building in a virtual environment.

Source: Mendes, R. (2017) Os Desenhos do Mosteiro de Nossa Senhora da Rosa de Caparica \ 1593-1630 e o Arquiteto Régio Luís de Frias Pereira, in: ARTIS Nº5 (Caleidoscópio: Casal de Cambra) pp 42-51.

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