Convent of the Capuchos of Caparica

The project “HBIM Capuchos Caparica – For a Digital Reconstruction” aims to conduct research on the phases of history of the Convent of the Capuchos of Caparica to better understand the original use of the space. Following an extensive renovation project in the 1950s and a lack of documentation throughout its life, the Convent today is in a state of confusion about the original configuration of its spaces following generations of Franciscan friars (The Capuchos) who lived in the convent until the religious orders of Portugal were extinguished in 1834. Following this, it was abandoned for over one-hundred years until the renovation of the 1950s that inserted many new spaces that mask its original conception as a place of silence and solitary contemplation.


The research project employed a mixed-methodological research approach to virtual reconstruction in order to provide the scientific validation for an eventual HBIM reconstruction of the convent prior to the 1950s. The approach combines historic text analysis and visualization with photogrammetric surveying of details and spaces found in other convents across the region to visualize the traces that today are no longer present.


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