Ana Tomé

Ana Tomé

Professor & Researcher

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PhD in Architecture and Master in Construction from Instituto Superior Técnico. She is an assistant professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georecursos and a member of the CERIS research center (Civil Engineering Research and Innovation for Sustainability). She was the deputy director for the management of Técnico Museums (2018-19). Took over the directions of the Civil Engineering Museum (2017-18) and of the ISTAR architecture laboratory (2011-18). In the intersection of these contexts she has developed experimentation on virtual modeling and cnc (computer numerical control) technologies applied to the study of built heritage. Her research focuses on the exploration of digital processes, including automatic contactless surveys (laser scanning and photogrammetry), applied to the representation, preservation and management of architectural heritage including scientific guidance of doctoral theses, and master’s dissertations within these research scopes.

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